Disaster is Too Easy

Small Black Birds

Naomi Klein wants to change everything

May 21, 2021 AJ Season 1 Episode 17 Small Black Birds Naomi Klein wants to change everything


Climate change is no longer tomorrow’s problem.

More than swapping light bulbs, it will require changing everything.

Lies and myths: free market knows best, our problems are too big to solve.

Immediate action is necessary.

How do we change without changing? We don’t.

Relationship between marketing trolling youth culture and abusive workplace conditions, happening here now. Amazon, Nike, Apple, Walmart…

And now normalized.

No longer culturally shocking.

Making our stuff out of slavery.

Disaster capitalism. Gentrification. Shock Doctrine. To push through public projects that have little or no public benefit.

Our neighborhoods are kept in a state of shock in order to benefit developers, industrial capitalism.

100 companies produce 70 percent of greenhouse gases.

We can’t recycle enough to compensate for that.

Venerating consumption, making us believe that that’s inherently what we are: our human nature is selfish, greedy; so that we don’t respond to the climate crisis, and we don’t threaten consumption capitalism.


The Pandemic has shown we can embrace change.

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Naomi Klein wants to change how you think about global warming.  The journalist, activist and mother believes we can seize this existential crisis to transform our failed economic system and build something radically better.  But we have to act fast. 

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